RETREAT: Empower Your Voice through Mantra and Yoga - 5 Day Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs (4 nights)

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Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR

Empower Your Voice with Mantra and Yoga

Open to all levels of yoga and singing. In this workshop we will learn and practice ancient and powerful techniques to open our voice and throat chakra, to connect with our root power so we understand how to draw upon this limitless well of divine energy and the sound current that moves through us. This includes a 2 hour yoga practice every morning with pranayama (breath practice), asana (postures & movement), meditation and chanting. In the early afternoon we will have free time to hike and relax, then meet again to dive further into the principles and practice of mantra and pranayama. We’ll learn how to listen deeper to our own voice, refine our sound and cultivate our unique relationship with the spiritual and healing power of mantra from the Sanskrit and Kundalini Yoga traditions. I will give a kirtan and sacred music concert on one of the evenings to also share with the community. Register directly through Breitenbush.